YIFANG Overseas Certified Products


At YiFang, we are committed to making Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) products that are of high quality and help people stay healthy and happy. Our overseas-certified products are no different. They have to meet certain rules and requirements to make sure their quality is the same in every country.

We have GMP certification from the TGA, which means that our products are safe and up to international standards for quality. Our overseas-certified products are available in several series that can be sold worldwide. These include single TCM concentrated granules, classic formula TCM-concentrated granules, and classic formula TCM-concentrated pills.

Our single-ingredient TCM concentrated granules are made from high-quality Chinese medicinal herbs that have been processed with modern technology to keep the herbs' healing properties. They are easy to carry and use, making them a convenient option for those with busy lifestyles.

Our Classic Formula TCM Concentrated Granules are made from time-tested formulas that have been used for centuries to promote health and well-being. These formulas are carefully prepared using high-quality Chinese medicinal herbs to ensure that they are effective and safe.

Finally, our Classic Formula TCM Concentrated Pills are made from natural ingredients and are designed to promote balance and harmony in the body. They are easy to take and are an excellent option for those who prefer a more traditional approach to TCM.

traditional Chinese medicine formula
Series Advantage
Single TCM Concentrated Granules 1. There are approximately 600 kinds of single TCM concentrated granules that extracted and
concentrated effective components from qualified medicine herbal pieces into granules.
2. High quality and processing standard TCM pieces are selected as raw materials.
3.  The active ingredients are efficiently and hygienic extracted from TCM by using modern
equipment and high technology.
4. It could be adjusted according to different clinical prescriptions to adapt to different symptoms,
and also be reprocessed reasonably for higher requirements.
Classic Formula TCM Concentrated Granules 5. There are more than 200 Classic Formula TCM Concentrated Granules that representative, universally
acknowledged and widely used in clinic.
6. The utility model is no need to further decocte, just a small dosage in independent pack that are
convenient carried and used.
Classic Formula TCM Concentrated Pills 7. Nearly 50 kinds of classical ancient formulas and the experienced formulas are chosen and made into
Classic Formula TCM Concentrated Pills.
8. It is more portable and can be taken without water when you are outside, such as traveling.

At YiFang, we're proud to offer high-quality products that have been tested and approved overseas and meet international safety and quality standards. We are committed to spreading TCM and making products that are easy to use and good for your health and well-being. Try our Overseas Certified Products today and experience the benefits of TCM for yourself.