Chinese herbal extract

The Chinese herbal extract which is the concentration of Chinese herb 
has more advantages such as smaller volume but larger efficiency.It can be added into formulas to make them better taste or to show an effect on human body.
Chinese herbal extract
Chinese herbal extract
Chinese herbal extract
Chinese herbal extract

Advantages Of Drugs

Name  Processing capacity  Packaging
Own brand on line 1.We add herbal extract into solid drink,jelly and granules to be its efficiency part.
2.Combine food with herbal extract to make customer a healthier lifestyle and eating habits. 
EFONG packing 
Own brand offline Due to the popular of freshly made drink,the society has noticed its disadvantages on human body,we make freshly drink with the raw material of Chinese herbal extract.The drink is as delicious as other drink but healthier. EFONG packing 
OEM production 1.Cooperation with other large company to offer the herbal extract as their raw material.
2.Long time and stable cooperation between us  are the sign of our high quality product and professional production line.
OEM packing

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