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Chinese TCM herbal slices include traditional Chinese herbal TCM Slices, YIFANG Chinese herbal flower tea, YIFANG OEM tablet herbal tablet drinks, etc. GUANGDONG YIFANG PHARMACEUTICAL has a professional production base to provide high-quality raw materials, and with the help of advanced equipment, we provide high-quality OEM customized packaging.

Chinese herbal slices
We state-owned 11 production bases, 4 of them are under construction.
Providing high quality raw material.With the help of advanced equipments to choose the best Chinese herbal slices.Good taste and pretty appearance which not only can be made as commodity directly but also can be chosen to packaged into small bags as tea bag.By this way we provide our customer more chances of choosing that you can add what you want in the tea bag and more efficiencies with different Chinese herbal slices.Convenient healthy and delicious.