YIFANG Grand Health Products and OEM Products


Grand Health Products

Grand health products refer to a company or brand that produces and markets its own line of health-related products. Grand health products refer can encompass a wide range of items, including pills, tablets, capsules, sprays, and health food like energy drinks, and jelly can be provided. Grand health products typically design, manufacture, package, and sell these items under their own brand name.

OEM Products

In the context of health products, an OEM may produce dietary supplements, or other health-related items and sell them to other companies. These companies then apply their own branding and packaging to the products. OEM products can be tailored to the specifications of the brand that purchases them. This allows the brand to offer a product without the need for in-house manufacturing capabilities. It's a common practice in various industries, including the health sector, to use OEM services to produce products more cost-effectively.

Chinese herbal tea for health


Name Processing capacity Packaging
Dietary Supplement 1. Professional R&D team , customized formula according to customer needs.
2.Advanced production facilities, strong supply capacity.
3.Complete supply Chain , fast supply .
OEM Packaging
Oversea Version OEM Finished Polyherbal Formulation (PHF) 1.Diversified dosage forms. Including granules, pills ,tablets, capsules,spray ect.
2.Hundreds of raw materials are in stock, and prodcution time is guaranteed
3.Strict finished product quality control,quality assurance.
EFONG Packaging
1.Provide customized packaging services to improve brand publicity. OEM Packaging
Food Product 1.Various products species. Including healthy solid drink ,jelly,paste ect.
2.Both existing formula and customized formula can be selected.
EFONG Packaging
1.Provide customized packaging services, customized personalized products OEM Packaging


Dietary Supplement

Dietary supplements are products intended to supplement one's diet with additional nutrients, which may include vitamins, minerals, herbs, amino acids, enzymes, or other substances. They come in various forms, such as pills, capsules, tablets, powders, liquids, and even energy bars. Dietary supplements are not intended to replace food, but rather to provide additional nutrients that may be lacking in one's regular diet.

Dietary supplements are products designed to provide additional nutrients to support overall health or address specific nutritional needs. While they can be useful, it's important to use them judiciously, under the guidance of a healthcare professional when necessary, and to choose products from reputable sources.


Overseas Version OEM Finished Polyherbal Formulation (PHF)

Polyherbal formulations are often used in traditional medicine and herbal remedies. A polyherbal formulation is a product that combines multiple herbs or plant-based ingredients into a single product. This can be a herbal remedy, dietary supplement, or other health-related product.

Food Product

YIFANG produces a range of food products, including healthy solid drinks, jelly, paste, and potentially more. These products likely vary in flavor, ingredients, and intended use. For example, healthy solid drinks may contain vitamins and nutrients, while jellies may be fruit-flavored or contain gelling agents.

You can choose from existing, pre-developed formulas for the food products. The existing formulas are tried and tested, ensuring consistency and quality. On the other hand, you also have the option to create customized formulas. It means they can specify the ingredients, flavor profiles, and nutritional content to tailor the product to their unique needs or brand identity. In addition to customizing the product itself, YIFANG offers personalized packaging services.

YIFANG is committed to making Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) products that are of high quality and help people stay healthy and happy. Our Grand Health Products and OEM Products are available in different dosage forms, such as pills, tablets, capsules, sprays, energy drinks, and jellies. We offer more than one hundred formulas to choose from, ensuring that our products meet a wide range of health needs and preferences.

We also offer original equipment manufacturer (OEM) services to our customers. Our customized packaging services can also help enhance brand awareness and increase customer loyalty. Here contact us for more cooperating details.